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Write – Rewrite

Most folks have heard me say “there’s no such thing as a history eraser.”  Conceptually, we get it…we know we can’t rewrite the past.  So why do we get stuck in it, keep thinking about it, saying such things as “I shouldn’t have”, “You shouldn’t have”, and “if only?”  Intellectually we know we can’t change “it” , and emotionally we blame “it”, or we long for “it.”

Here’s a thought.  What if we all decided to begin our past Today?   That’s right..this very day (and every day hereafter), write your own script for the next 24 hours.  What you will think, what you will do, how you will treat yourself and others, etc.  Externals and your environment will still exist around you, but you will decide how and what your perception of that environment will be.  What power this exercise yields.

The necessary requirement (if you choose to do this) will be to stay wholly in the present.  Mindful of each moment and all thoughts.  By writing your past today, you’re making tomorrow’s memories.  You can stop wishing for a history eraser.

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