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Thoughts In Disguise

I talk a lot about thoughts.  The fact that thoughts cause our feelings and behaviors.  Where thoughts come from.  Our belief that our thoughts must be correct because we’ve had them so long, how to recognize if thoughts are rational and  much, much more.

When we become aware, or conscious, of our thoughts they are usually of the “in the moment” variety.  That is – “what sweater to wear .. the yellow or the black”? – or “turn right at light, then left at 1st intersection” or thinking through a plan or project.  These are not the thoughts that cause the greatest problems.

The troublesome thoughts are most often not conscious, but automatic – imbedded in our implicit memory bank from past experiences beginning at birth.  All well-learned, rehearsed, they spring forth when triggered – affecting our deepest feelings and behaviors.  These thoughts are often negative – without words, symbols or form, so well disguised that we don’t recognize them as thoughts at all. What we do know is that we’re feeling uneasy (angry, sad, rejected, hurt).  We say “that’s just the way I am.”

Truth is – that’s just the way you Think, it is not who you Are.  Retraining the brain takes desire and practice.  If you don’t like the way you feel it’s time to start replacing old, disguised and unhealthy thoughts.

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