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The Right Card

momThe arrival of Mother’s Day (Father’s Day as well) brings with it the expectation of, at the very least, a greeting card from a daughter or son. These beautifully phrased cards speak right to the heart of love, gratitude, inspiration and a history of giving. Speaking in prose and poetry to the parent in a manner often unexpressed by a loving and grateful son or daughter.

Yet there are countless numbers of adult children who struggle mightily in front of that array of meaningfully written cards, reading them…and then slamming them back in their slot…because none of the statements are true for them. It is simply too hard to say those words of gratitude for a parent‘s nurturing, wisdom, encouragement, etc., etc……when it never happened….and for many is not happening still. And yet, the parent expects the token of just that card – not the generic one that simply wishes “a happy day.”

If you are a parent, expect to be a parent, or have influence over any child…..what will it be like for them when, as adults, they are selecting a card for you?

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