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The importance of Rational Thinking

Staying rational in an irrational environment challenges our cognitive resources regularly.  But it is only by thinking rationally that we make decisions that don’t persist in haunting us.  Haunting us with unintentional thoughts…the ones that annoyingly keep hanging around up there.

A friend of mine relayed the following:  She saw an email sent from one colleague in her firm to another.  The contents would appear insignificant to an uninterested reader, but this friend saw her name in the email, read it, and interpreted what she read as disloyal at best.- unnecessary at least.  Dismissing all rational thought, she created a downward spiral with (heretofore) two good relationships by filtering her thoughts through some common mental mistakes:

1.  Assuming
2.  Jumping to Conclusions
3.  Emotional Reasoning.

The outcome (for her) was a long period of feeling badly, being less joyful with her family,  and being aloof in the presence of the “offending” parties.

She had failed to apply the first important rule of rational thinking…..asking herself if her thinking was based on fact.

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