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No Phone Zone

I have just joined (and am encouraging others to join) the No Phone Zone. You can guess what it is. Over 60,000 have signed up so far – pledging to make their car a No Phone Zone by not texting or talking on cell phone while driving. Great idea right? Who could argue with it? A rational decision! So how hard can it be????

That’s the challenge. Depending upon how long the behavior/habit has existed. It can be very hard. My work consists of conducting seminars, workshops, speaking publicly and teaching the principles and skills for changing behaviors. I know change begins in the brain and I know it takes practice.

Consistent practice.

To cease talking/texting while driving I will have to”talk back“ to myself. My irrational left-brain thoughts & right-brain imagery will tell me “I will make this call short”, or “the traffic is calm” or “I’ll save time by getting this call out of the way”, etc., etc. I will refuse to respond to those irrational notions. But just refusing is not enough. The persistent thoughts must be replaced…..they won’t go away just because I will them to (that’s suppression). Instead I will replace those thoughts with rational ones like, “I am alert to everything around me”, “I am safe knowing I am fully conscious of my driving and the conditions ”, “I am in control of myself and my car because I am in control of my thoughts“.

Those who accept the challenge may save the life of someone you or I love.

To join go to www.oprah.com/nophonezone


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