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I’ve changed my mind

Consider “changing your mind” to mean a different way of thinking.  Learning a new pattern of thinking that will change your “automatic” thoughts in any situation you find yourself.  Automatic thoughts are the ones that appear without our even “thinking” about them  They’re just there, and they “tell” us what another person means by a gesture, a behavior or a statement – even what they’re thinking.    We just “know” that’s all.  All untrue!

We learned how to think just as we learned to tie a shoe or button a shirt.  Only the teaching was more subtle (and usually unintentional). We learn how and what to think by our parents, caregivers, teachers, peers….. by the experiences we have encountered in life from birth.  Many of us learned to think about ourselves (and others) in unhealthy, negative ways.  And, we practiced and practiced…got pretty good at it…and now find ourselves wondering why we feel so badly – why do so many things go wrong?  Biggest problem is we learned to believe all those thoughts/beliefs, and ended up making judgments based on those perceptions and underlying assumptions.   Mostly untrue!

Relearning how to think takes some work and training, but (in this case, at least) changing your mind is the beginning of joy and peace.

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