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How do you talk to yourself (revisited)?

Have you ever made a careless error at work? Then berate yourself for the error by thinking “How stupid.”

Heard a comment from your spouse, friend, boss and just “knew” that it means “I’m not good enough?”

Such thoughts and statements sabotage your self-confidence and produce negative energy. With enough frequency, negative thoughts and statements (whether you say them to yourself or they come from a history of hearing or sensing them) become implanted in your memory.

You learned to think of yourself and your world just as you learned to tie your shoe, or ride a bike. You’ve thought them so long that you believe they are true. “I’m not smart enough, thin enough, talented enough, good looking enough”, “I could never learn math”, “People don’t like me”, etc., etc. Truth is, most of those early “learned” self beliefs are false. And yet, they pop up in your stored belief system creating havoc at worst – and discomfort at best…but nevertheless keeping you from feeling and behaving the way you want to feel and behave. Think them long enough and they become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Our Thoughts Cause Our Feelings And Behaviors

To retrain the brain and learn how to think differently you must challenge those core beliefs. Negative thoughts and old beliefs about yourself must be replaced. In this case with positive statements. Your brain believes what it is consistently taught!!!!! Your feelings and behaviors respond to the beliefs, or commands, of your brain. The brain doesn’t edit – or care – what information it is given so long as it is sincere.

Your Brain Is Either Your Servant Or Your Master

Start to develop your own list of positive statements. Think of how you want to feel about yourself – how you want to be. It’s important to make your statements in the here-and-now; e.g. “I have good work habits”, “I am energetic”, “I am calm and relaxed.” Avoid “future” statements like “I am going to” or “I will.” Also avoid negative words (“I am not” or “I will not” or “Never” – the brain filters “not”). Now. Write Them Down. You don’t necessarily have to believe them yet, but you must want them. Let your brain do its work. Remember, many of us have a lot of repair work to do from a lifetime of negative learning.

Your mind is your brain doing its work

Place your affirmative statements in conspicuous places and repeat them as many times a day as possible. It is particularly important that you repeat them first thing each morning and last thing before going to sleep each night. Every time you have a thought you are practicing it. What unleashed power you possess!

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  • Elizabeth Grace Saunders April 21, 2010, 8:52 am

    Great post!

    I really like how you highlighted that we have control over how we interpret and respond to events. To breathe is to make mistakes!

    One of the little mental phrases that helped me most when I first started my business over four years ago was: “Do your best. Make it right. Learn for next time.”

    If I kept that philosophy in mind, I was able to quickly mentally recover from whatever happened and focus on fixing the situation instead of criticizing myself.

    To lives of peace and productivity!

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