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Drug Abuse and Depression are Increased in Adolescents with Insomnia

Just read an interesting piece about a study of adolescents with symptoms of insomnia. Researchers at the University of North Texas examined nearly 4,500 adolescents and more than 3,500 young adults over a 6 to 7 year period.  They found that 9% of the adolescents reported insomnia symptoms, and that teens with those symptoms were two times more likely to develop depression in early adulthood than adolescents without insomnia.

In addition, adolescents with insomnia were also more likely to use alcohol and drugs and have suicidal thoughts.

There is good news about the study.

1.  Symptoms of insomnia in children and adolescents can be addressed early.  Early intervention is always useful because sufficient sleep is paramount to healthy development.

2.  Parents, educators and others are alerted to signs of a risk factor for early adult depression and substance abuse.

This study appeared in the journal Sleep.

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