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You decide how you want to feel.  By learning how to effectively deal with your current concerns and problems, you will also learn how to apply these same skills to anything you encounter in your personal and professional life.


Private sessions are available for individuals and couples.  Presentations and trainings for businesses, organizations and groups can also be arranged.



What To Expect:


  • Understanding your feelings and behaviors
  • Increase in insight to emotions and behaviors
  • How to establish and achieve rational goals
  • Creation or restoration of harmony in relationships
  • Relief from anxiety, depression and stress
  • How to think rationally and make better decisions
  • Ability to counsel yourself
  • Stop blaming your past (or others) and live in the present
  • Shorter and time-limited programs
  • Motivational and instructional sessions
  • Feel better…almost immediately
  • My professional and emotional support


My cognitive-behavioral approach to helping individuals and couples make emotional and behavioral changes is evidence based, meaning it is supported by research that proves it is effective.

Follow my blog www.refusetobeupset.com to become better acquainted and stay posted.  To schedule a private consultation or make arrangements for a speaking engagement or training, please contact me at 561-371-2200 or email to nellcollinslcsw@gmail.com.

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