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  • Nell provides motivational instruction and support to individuals, couples and organizations in the principles of emotional well being.  No matter what your current situation…you can choose happy…and refuse to be upset…about anything.

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every behavior begins with a thought



As stress filled times push us into some unwanted positions and strain our coping abilities, complaining is on the rise.  Many defend their complaints by saying they are merely observations, but complaining is a creative act.    It is also highly addictive.  One dictionary defines complaining as “expressing a feeling of pain, dissatisfaction, or resentment.” […]

The If-Then Solution to Problem Solving

This one is so easy you can begin using it right away.  Not only is it simple….but it works.  It’s the If-Then plan. Say you’ve decided to start an exercise program that includes walking 30 minutes each morning.  You’ve set your alarm for 5:30 am and have your running gear ready.  You feel good the […]

Defining Overindulgence

There seems no better time of year than this to talk about overindulgence – although it is practiced with regularity throughout the year.  Yes, even during a deep global economic recession. Overindulgence is not quite the same as spoiling.  We tend to view a spoiled child as one whose behaviors are very annoying to adults.  […]

Resillience: Adapting to hardships

Resilience means being able to adapt to life’s misfortunes, setbacks and hardships. When something goes wrong in your life, do you bounce back or go to pieces?  When you have resilience, you gather up your inner strengths and rebound quickly from a setback.  That setback can be a the loss of a job, loss of […]

What’s in a name?

A statement made recently by someone with whom I was business coaching reminded me of one of the critical mental mistakes many of us make from time to time. A common mistake that can alter our basic perception…or total regard…for another person. It is the mistake of labeling. When you say of another he is […]